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Marriage Counseling

Sex Therapy | Marriage & Sex Counseling | Phoenix, AZ | (623) 465-9151

A marriage or committed relationship can be one of the richest, most fulfilling aspects of your life. Over time, however...

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy | Marriage & Sex Counseling | Phoenix, AZ | (623) 465-9151

If you are currently experiencing sexual difficulty, whether it takes the form of sexual dysfunction, disinterest, or a sense...

Alternative Lifestyles

Alternative Lifestyles | Marriage & Sex Counseling | Phoenix, AZ | (623) 465-9151

Sex and intimacy are not one size fits all. Your sexuality is as unique as you are and deserves to be treated as such. If ...

Welcome to Sex Therapy; Marriage, Relationship, Alternative Lifestyles

My elder name is Ina “Speaks Simply” Mlekush, a certified marriage and sex counselor in Phoenix, AZ. I work with Traditional Marriages and Alternative Lifestyles

Relationship challenges drain you of energy. Everything in life becomes more difficult when you are unhappy.

•The first step is accepting something in your relationship is broken and you don’t know how to fix it otherwise you would have.

• Are you aware you are not sexually happy and need to talk to someone about it? And talking to your partner has gotten you nowhere!

•There are basic male and female differences. They need to be respected and honored not made to feel one of you is wrong.
•Different is not wrong.
•Different may need to be negotiated to create a win/win agreement

Are you sexually happy and yet you know there is so much more you can explore, be you monogamous or open? • Will your partner explore with you or refuses to step outside their comfort zone?
•There are many ways to navigate these issues and broaden your horizons.
•Attending a workshop on Spiritual Sexuality
•Purchasing dvd’s and books on Sacred Sexuality and educate yourself.
•Set up practice sessions at home. Sex 101 in the guest room.
•Butterflies in your gut are a good sign. It means you are growing.

Or are you single and desire to explore?
•All of the above are open to you.
•You do not need a partner.
•You do need a desire to learn and grow.

Whether you’re facing personal difficulties, relationship challenges or simply looking to improve your sex life, it is the journey of your life.

Take the next step. Challenge yourself to become the best you can be and then go beyond that. Yes, that is who you truly are.

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