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I am Ina Mlekush, owner of Marriage & Sex Counseling. As someone with over 30 years of professional experience as a counselor and therapist, I am confident that together we can take the steps necessary to give your marriage, relationship, or personal life the care that it needs, for you to be happy. My credentials and experiences are wide-ranging and includes:

• Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor
• American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, & Therapists Certified
• Ordained Metaphysical Minister
• Advanced Hypnotherapist
• Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Master Teacher of Levels 1, 2, & 3
• Retired Radio Personality for 1100 KFNX Independent Talk Radio

My private practice is located in North Phoenix, Arizona, where I began working as a marriage counselor for traditional and alternative lifestyles in 1985. Since 1992, my focus has been on relationship solutions and sex coaching for couples and individuals. Over the years, I have helped clients to resolve their struggles with sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, and issues that affect a couple’s intimacy.

Through sex therapy, both men and women can learn to communicate better with their partners and to understand the instinctual and emotional differences between them. As they learn to communicate and express their desires, healthier, more intimate relationships begin to grow.

As a teacher of Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshops, which were responsible for my own sexual awakening at 36, I have been able to present this ancient Mayan and Toltec sexual wisdom to a wide, international audience. My work has been featured on prestigious outlets as notable and diverse as HBO Real Sex in America, The Good Sex Guide Abroad, UK - Sex TV Canada and Radio Talk America.

I hope that you will take the time to reach out and join me. With more than thirty years as a marriage counselor, couples therapist, sex therapist, and alternative lifestyle counselor, I know that together you can have the healthy, passionate life you desire.

What are you waiting for? There is no better time than now. Contact me at Marriage & Sex Counseling today! “Improve Your Relationships and Sex Life One Bite at a Time!”

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