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A marriage or committed relationship can be one of the richest, most fulfilling aspects of your life. There will always be ups and downs. You all know that. When a problem begins to tear at the very fabric of your relationship, you begin to close down, put walls up and create a separate life while living in the same home. Not Good! You know what I am talking about. You begin to die inside and wonder, “How did we get here?”
Are any of these familiar?

•Recurring Arguments that are Never Resolved?
•Breakdown of communication, talking does not work or you’ve stopped talking?
•Emotional behavior like Anger, Depression, Resentments, Lashing Out, Withdrawal?
•Substance Abuse; Alcohol, Drugs, Compulsive Eating, Gambling and it gets worse over time?

How do you deal with these challenges?
•First, you have to deal with One issue at a time.
•You need to be honest with yourself FIRST and then with your partner.
•You need to be willing to risk by being honest which can free you and take you thru a healing crisis.
•Be willing to work to create a deeper more loving relationship that is Honest and Transparent.
•If your partner will not do counselling then you attend. One person growing is better than none.

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