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If you are currently experiencing sexual difficulty, whether it takes the form of sexual dysfunction, disinterest, or a sense of being unfulfilled, there is hope.
Do not accept this as the “hand” life dealt you. There is so much more to being a sacred sexual being that you have never been taught.


My Counseling can help you speak your heart’s desire; heal yourself and your relationship. It is possible for you to enjoy being touched and making love. You can discover your g-spot and have female ejaculations, vaginal and clitoral pleasure. Learn to use the largest sex organ you have, your state of mind.
The Solutions are:

✓ Stop thinking of other things when you are making love. All women are distracted mentally when having sex.
✓ Think of erotic fantasies you would like to enjoy.
✓ Sex can be enjoyable with deep intimacy and loving care until the day you die. Get out of the box of your comfort zone and explore.
✓ Menopause may be a gift that frees you to explore and experience your sexuality with maturity and gusto!
✓ Do not give up when you are 60, 70 or even 80’s + years young.


Your ability to have an erection, to bring your partner pleasure is key to your sense of self-worth and may be more important than your own ejaculations. Some men feel this way.

The core of who you are is deeply affected when you are dealing with Early Ejaculation, ED, prostate cancer, aging, low T and libido. Not Fun, to say the least.

The Question is HOW?
✓ First get out of your box, your comfort zone.
✓ Expand what making love means.
✓ Feel the sensations using your hands, mouth, and let your body hummm with or without an erection.
✓ KEY- The harder you try to be erect the more you have sabotaged yourself.


When you are unhappy about anything, it impacts how you are in the bedroom.
When you are unhappy with each other the sex life usually lessons and the level of passion and deep intimacy are reduced to Maintenance Sex. This is better than no sex but it won’t be long before it stops altogether unless you can resolve the “ issue” between you.

Sex therapy goes beyond the bedroom.

✓ Learning how to agree and reconnect respectfully with care and tenderness is a key.
✓ There needs to be growth in the relationship as a whole for your sex life to improve.
✓ Making good agreements and keeping them or renegotiate before breaking them.
✓ Learn new love making skills and techniques that will enhance your love life.
✓ After all, who taught you to be a good lover? Trial and error?

The beginning of the rest of your life awaits.

Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality

These workshops are presented internationally. Phoenix is the home base for this body of sacred knowledge. I am a senior presenter, teaching since 1985. I am one of 14 teachers in the World certified to teach levels 1, 2 & 3.

“Q” for short offers 4 levels of workshops. You need to attend the training sequentially. Individuals or couples are invited to level 1 & 2. We keep male-female gender balance. Level 3 & 4, you must have a partner. Individuals who meet at level 1 & 2 may partner for levels 3 & 4.

The Chuluaqui Quodoushka teachings originate from time-proven sacred shamanic traditions, which integrate spirituality and sexuality as a part of life.

“Chuluaqui” refers to the primordial life force energy from which everything is created. “Quodoushka” is the energy created when two life force energies merge to create a new energy, which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Chuluaqui Quodoushka energy is the most healing and revitalizing energy available to us.

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